This is what our Fabulous Members have to say.........

Smriti Kochar


She is just to good!!!have been associated with her from past few months....she is powerhouse of Energy....

Rashi Gupta

II have been training with Anshu For over a year. Amazing trainer and amazing person.

What you can do are:
Personal training sessions
Step aerobics
Functional training
Weight training

Shweta Khanna

I have been associated with ‘The Future You ‘fitness studio for good about 3 1/2 months. It’s been fantastic since then. I have developed good stamina, flexibility and Focus . Our instructor Anshu is just awesome, her keen observation, getting into the details of a good posture has worked for us tremendously. There is a surprise element in every session, so it doesn’t get monotonous. M enjoying every day . Thanks Anshu and wish her all the Best !!

Sonna Dhaga

Anshu is an awesome trainer. She have a fitness oriented mindset with lot of personal care and encouragement. keeps you motivated everytime to reach your goal. I strongly recommend her classes to everyone.

Priya J

Anshu is a superb trainer. She has tremendous knowledge. I truly enjoy her classes. Anshu makes sure that the daily workout is exciting and not mundane. I look forward to her classes every morning..Will strongly recommend her classes to everyone!

Ripsy Gupta

Anshu is such an inspiring trainer. She is so passionate about fitness that it automatically motivates us to remain fit. She is amazing with paying attention to each individual trainee. An expert in handling any body pain issues be it knee pain or cervical issues. It's always a pleasure to work out with her. I strongly recommend her work out classes to remain fit and positive

Shivani Aggarwal

I've recently started my personal training with Anshu Taravath from the The Future You and she's superb!!! She ascertained my fitness levels in the first session and totally customizes the workout as per my level, yet ensuring it's pushing me each time. She has tremendous knowledge and totally understands fitness. I actually look forward to the sessions and would totally recommend her as a personal fitness coach! 🙂

Anjali Ghosh almost ever other weight loss journey I was also seriously obese and was facing many health issues because of it... High BP and insomnia just to name a few... I was looking for workour classes to join when one of my friends Vaishali, suggested Anshu's class...

I went there totally sceptical but came out with my mind blown just one month she helped me loose 3 kgs(which is a big deal)...Anshu babe I wont be exaggerating if I say You're doing God's work up in here....You are my knight in shining armour...Here's to many more rigorous training sessions  to come

Anshu Maurya

Anshu is a very dedicated Trainer . Her exercises are quite scientific and in the end they energise you . While training Anshu herself lets us know our strong and weak points . I've recently joined and within a few classes m seeing a positive change in me physically and mentally. My energy levels have gone up and feel very toned . I wish you all the Best Anshu . 

Sonna Dhaga

Anshu is a devoted trainer and a lovely person . She is very versatile and very scientific in her approach . I would definitely recommend her and wishing her all the very best in all future endeavours !! 

Dr. Sufla Saxena

Dear Anshu,

This review is long overdue and today I finally get time to do this....

I had joined Anshu in Feb 2018, with a lot of ailments. I had a ligament injury in my knee (due to gym) and was told by the doctor to take bed rest. After a lot of treatment and bed rest for over 6 months, i decided to join Anshu in Feb. Apart from my knee, I suffer from a lot of gynae related issues and lower back issues. Even after all these ailments Anshu took me under her wing with some fear but a lot of hope to make me strong. Kudos to Anshu! She has been a rock to me. She has pushed me to go on, but at the same time took very good care of all my physical ailments. As I look back today, I see myself fitter and more stronger. The once limping leg now does cardio, steps and what not. Thank you for being a blessing in disguise. Will want to go on with you for as long as I can, to be a healthier me. 

Komal Jeramiah Srivastava

Anshu's motivating power and her fitness, her ways of designing every choreography each day is just so inspiring...keeps all of us on our toes! Kudos

Tanushree Chatterjee

Anshu... after almost 2 months of aerobics sessions with you, I can say it's the most addictive form of cardio. And to have a trainer who brings something new to the table every time is truly commendable. I absolutely love the choreography and the HIIT sessions. The HIIT classes have been an eye opener of sorts. There is a difference between stamina and flexibility. While one might hv the stamina to work on the rigorous cardio routine, HIIT is a test of both. The exercises are phenomenal and I can feel the stretch and resistance in the muscles on my lower body. The fact that floor exercises could leave you breathless has been a revelation of sorts. Awesome classes awesome routine! Great job Anshu esp coordinating with all of us who are at different levels with our
Individual problems (backaches, knee etc) and also at different levels of flexibility. That's what makes a good trainer. Someone who gets that. Someone who keeps pushing but also understands the individual issues we have as women. So an extra thumbs up for that!

Sona Vermani

Joining The Future You and working out with Anshu was a life changing experience, it changed my perception about the way we do exercises. Not only doing different exercises but also learning about the right technique is the biggest advantage at The Future you. And above that when you have an instructor like Anshu, who always motivates you to go for an extra mile, makes the working out sessions even more exciting.

Shalini Varshney

For me Anshu came as an Angel..when i was almost in depression.My family was worried about me then one day i found her and i think since then i have been in love with myself.Things i really love about her class is - She never focuses on loosing weight rather she wants trainees to be strong.I love how i am fitting in to my clothes now in one month and every time i bless her with more power.Thankyou Anshu for making me believe in myself and i am not finding the write words to praise you but i can write thesis on you.

Shanaya Arora

Anshu... is the synonym of passion.. Her USP is her honesty and dedication. There are many trainers, who are excellent in their art..but what gives Anshu an edge above all is her sheer "Dedication". She takes, your futness to her heart and and her personal goal.. I have never sticked to a fitness routine for more than 1 month..but I am with Anshu for past 3 months and will be with her .... Fitness is not loosing weight only but..beyond it.. I feel blessed to know Anshu and have her as my Coach...
Thanks a ton... Anshu.. you are an angel..

Preeti Gupta

Anshu is truly an expert in all aspects of fitness training.. her sessions are carefully designed with a plethora of activities.. there's something new that she has to offer in each session be it aerobics or body conditioning... her PILATE session leaves you rejuvenated... she has an eye for detail and doesn't let you go wrong at any point and the best part is if at all you do, she is quick to rescue you... you would never live or leave in pain... thank you Anshu.. keep doing the good work!

Juhi Gupta

Amazing workout with Anshu.. every class is different , every time we have something new to test our limits and strength.. after two months of aerobics , conditioning and HIIT I feel much stronger , agile and fitter.. thank you Anshu and looking forward to many more strong classes

Meghna Singh

I joined Anshus' classes 2.5 months back. Since then I have seen a great transformation in myself of what I feel seriously proud. But I will still say all credit goes only to her as it is her who pushes you for more and more. She is not only a professional in her field. She is a great human being with good sense of humour and personal care for your concerns. Determined and devoted. I love her cardio sessions though not always were easy on me. It's never boring like running on a treadmill, dumbells exercising is also fun and my favourite one. HIIT is something great.. You can't sit, walk or lie down without pain but on the top of that you are satisfied you did it.I wish you dear Anshu all the best and very happy that in your team. Better late than never.

Irina Pandey

Five Star Workout

Pooja Singh

Five Star Workout

Rohini Job George

Five Star Workout

Nidhi Chawla

Five Star Workout

Tumpa Banerjee